UK Bishop: Islamists Have Created No-Go Zones For Non-Muslims Across England

There is a key aspect in the fight against Islamo-fascism — the ideology – which we can no longer overlook, because it is festering in our homelands. The abhorrent lesson to be learned from the beheading of British aid worker David Haines was that it was done by a fellow British citizen.

That’s not simply an “act of pure evil,” it is an act of treasonous evil. All over Western civilization we have invited into our midst a contrary belief system under the false god of multiculturalism — much to our demise. You might recall the warning from the Chaldean archbishop of Mosul, which we reported here.

Now a bishop in the United Kingdom provides another stern warning much closer to home. As reported by the UK Telegraph, “Islamic extremists have created “no-go” areas across Britain where it is too dangerous for non-Muslims to enter. The Right Reverand Michael Nazir-Ali, whose father converted from Islam to Catholicism – making him an apostate according to Islam — is the Bishop of Rochester and the Church’s only Asian bishop. He says people of a different race or faith face physical attack if they live or work in communities dominated by a strict Muslim ideology.”

We’ve read about these areas in Europe where sharia law is practiced and host nation law enforcement doesn’t even patrol. This is what happens when multiculturalism is not about assimilation but segregation. We have already experienced instances of “honor killings” here in America — something completely antithetical to our way of life.

But naturally, the UK has its own version of CAIR as well as cultural jihadist apologists in its own government who quickly jump to attack the bishop’s comments.

As the Telegraph reports, “The Muslim Council of Britain described Bishop Nazir-Ali’s comments as “frantic scaremongering”, while William Hague, the shadow foreign secretary, said the bishop had “probably put it too strongly.”

And just like Nancy Pelosi referring to Hamas as a “humanitarian organization,” UK Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg said the idea of no-go areas was “a gross caricature of reality.” I guess the ostrich is common in England as well.

“Writing in The Sunday Telegraph, Bishop Nazir-Ali compares the threat to the use of intimidation by the far-Right, and says that it is becoming increasingly difficult for Christianity to be the nation’s public religion in a multifaith, multicultural society. Bishop Nazir-Ali, who was born in Pakistan, gives warning that attempts are being made to give Britain an increasingly Islamic character by introducing the call to prayer and wider use of sharia law, a legal system based on the Koran. In an attack on the Government’s response to immigration and the influx of “people of other faiths to these shores”, he blames its “novel philosophy of multiculturalism” for allowing society to become deeply divided, and accuses ministers of lacking a “moral and spiritual vision”.

We are beginning to see this happening in America as well, such as CAIR’s demands to purge training materials for FBI, DoD, and local law enforcement relating to training on domestic infiltration of Islamo-fascist ideology leading to homegrown jihadism. During my recent travels to the Detroit area, I hear over and over from residents that the Dearborn area is referred to by some as Dearbornistan.

Of course any concerns raised are immediately attacked, as is the modus of cultural jihadists. Ibrahim Mogra, of the Muslim Council of Britain, said “It’s irresponsible for a man of his position to make these comments. He should accept that Britain is a multicultural society in which we are free to follow our religion at the same time as being extremely proud to be British. We wouldn’t allow ‘no-go’ areas to happen. I smell extreme intolerance when people criticize multiculturalism without proper evidence of what has gone wrong.”

Ok Mr. Mogra, you want proper evidence of what has gone wrong? What about British soldier Lee Rigby who was hacked to death in broad daylight? What about the fact that we’ve had two Americans and a British citizen beheaded by a Brit? What about the London bus and tube bombings? What about the fact that more Brits signed up to join ISIS than the British Army Reserves?

You sir, are a danger, a threat and the reason why this poison has infiltrated into not just UK society but ours as well. This is not about criticizing a religion, it is about recognizing an existential threat — and I join with Bishop Nazir-Ali in calling this Al Hijra out. Yours is not multiculturalism, it is isolationism within our culture, a sense of purposeful segregation and “voluntary apartheid.”

And of course there are those who try to blame Christianity and the United States. The Telegraph says, “Inayat Bunglawala, assistant secretary-general of the Muslim Council of Britain, said: “Bishop Nazir-Ali appears to be exercised by what he perceives as the decline in the influence of Christianity upon this country, but trying to frantically scaremonger about Islam and Muslims seems to us to be a rather unethical way of trying to reverse this. He talks about the rise of ‘Islamic extremism’ but fails to mention how some of the policies of our government and especially that of the United States in the Middle East over several decades now has clearly contributed to this phenomenon.”

In other words, the beheadings have nothing to do with the Islamic jihadists. The proliferation of Islamism in Western civilization and its recruiting is a result of a decline in Christianity — actually it is about a decline in the Judeo-Christian faith heritage and the assaults by the jihadists accomplices, the secular humanists. And it all stems from anger because of American Middle East policies — hmm, let me guess –supporting the Jewish State of Israel?

I applaud Bishop Nazir-Ali for speaking up about the abject failure of the experiment of multiculturalism as it applies to Islamo-fascists. I look forward to the day when we have a collection of ministers, pastors, priests and bishops here in America who will make a stand. As UK Prime Minister David Cameron stated, we must “drain this poison from our society.” That means developing an anti-venom — and not being afraid to do so.

[H/T Allen B. West]